Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cookie Exchange Party

There's only 1 week left until Christmas!!
Have you made Christmas cookies yet??
Some girlfriends helped me throw a cookie exchange party, so I had to break from my annual slice & bake tradition. And I'm so glad I did!! The #1 rule of the party is that your cookies have to be homemade. So while my cookies weren't the prettiest or the tastiest, I had the wonderful benefit of sampling everyone else's!! Check out some of these cookies!! Yum!!
This was my first cookie exchange party, so I kept the rules simple.
#1 The cookies have to be homemade
#2 You need to bring 3 dozen cookies
#3 You need to provide your own platter to display them on.
It was a great success!
We had the ladies draw numbers and break up into groups of 5 so that there wasn't a mad rush to the cookie table. And we provided cookie boxes from Hobby Lobby for everyone to take home their goodies. It was a fun excuse for ladies to get together and required little to no effort to organize.
Have you thrown a cookie party?
Do you have other ideas for us to use next year??


  1. Good idea about the drawing numbers thing. The one that I go to every year has us bag ours up in 1/2 dozen packages each. You just take a package of each, or to match the number you brought. If you bring six dozen you take (way too many, what she requires) you put a dozen out for tasting and you take home 10 bags. But that means you don't get one of every cookie. But you don't mix cookies either so you don't get powdered sugar on every cookie. She also has everyone try and turn in their recipe ahead of time and she prints a little book to take home.

  2. So sad the stomach bug hit our house and I missed this! I had a good mocha cookie recipe too!

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