Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I've fallen in love with garlands this Fall.
I picked up a few in Canton for super cheap (I'm talking $4 cheap!!) and have had fun moving them around my house. They're simple & classic and add texture and interest to just about any space. I feel like I'm decorating with out having to really decorate.


  1. I love everything!!! your decor is gorgeous.

  2. Great deal on those. OK, you make me want to go back! Where did you find those. Do you remember the area?

  3. Lori, I think I got them in the Turner's East Gate section. It's just South of the Arbors. The "booth" can be see from the street (Hwy 19) and had a ton garlands just stacked in piles on the ground. All waiting for new homes :)

  4. I have several of these in my garage, that I had taken down several years ago. You've inspired me to get them back out! Love your blog. Thanks for the great ideas!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos! You've got a great eye for design. I am excited I found your blog and look forward to following. I'd love it if you would follow mine too. :)


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