Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Photo Wall

Have you noticed that most of the pictures that I share of my house are zoomed in really close?? That's because I have a TON of blank wall space still left to decorate! It's a problem that keeps me up at night. Seriously!!
Blank spot #1 is in my front living room.
Notice, no walls shown?
But what was once blank & boring now has 4 8x10s of my family. Fitting for a family room, don't you think?! Should I add more?? I probably should have zoomed out further so that you could see my entire wall, but I guess I'm still fearful of showing too much "blankness".
I ordered the pictures in sepia, which I LOVE. It gives them a classic look & hides the pop of pink that my daughters have on, which would more than likely have clashed with the red accents that I have in the room.
But the best part of all...I get to see their sweet faces every time I walk through the living room to... answer the door, answer the phone, track down the laundry basket, find a lost toy.. You get the point. :)
All decorating should make me this happy.


  1. it looks absolutely LOVELY! Love the pictures!

  2. This wall is just gorgeous!!! I love your decorating style!!!

  3. i LOVE this!!! and i love the idea of doing it in sepia.....thanks for sharing!!!


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