Monday, May 2, 2011

Life after Craigslist

Do you ever wonder what happens when people sell their entire set of bedroom furniture 2 months before they plan to move out?
THIS!!! Yep, the hubster, three kiddos and I are packing up and changing addresses. We're in escrow for a house a few minutes away that *shockingly* needs work! :) Apparently we do that sort of thing. I figured now was as good a time as any to start purging my house of the furniture that I didn't LOVE anymore. I am very impatient and so I decided I'd start trying to sell things now. My husband said I can use all my Craigslist money for new pieces. Which means now I'm on a tight budget that has me scanning my house thinking "what ELSE can I sell?" HAHA!

The only thing left in my bedroom are two nightstands I just bought at Round Top and our mattresses. I went out and bought plastic storage tubs to keep our clothes in for now. Here's the catch... we aren't moving until the END OF JUNE!!!
Meanwhile it gives me PLENTY of time to search for the perfect dresser to buy for the new place. I've already ordered a new bed. And this experience makes us really appreciate being able to buy and have furniture.

And just so our kids don't feel left out of the "fun" - I sold all their bedframes too. My family puts up with a lot dealing with me! :) I love them for it.

Stay tuned for pictures of our new "fixer-upper" and join me (with Tiffany's signficant help) on the journey to making that place our new home.

Are any of you Craigslist junkies? Please tell me I'm not the only one! :)



  1. Oh no I love craigslist. I actually saw your bedding set on there today.

  2. You are to funny!! I actually love ksl- I still have a hard time figuring craigs list out lol!!

  3. You are not! I take several pieces to consignment shops each time my partner and I move and like you a month or so ahead of time.That way I have money in hand and can bargain shop specific things that I want to purchase for the next place.
    Hope you get what you want!

  4. I love craigslist... look at it throughout the week and weekend, especially on saturdays after yardsales have closed.


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