Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring has Sprung

Spring Break has arrived in Texas! We are drying off after a few days of rainy, soggy weather and the sun has come out again. Our temperatures are pleasantly warm (70's) and soon our roadsides will be speckled with beautiful wildflowers.

I started pulling out my springtime/Easter decorations as soon as my kids birthday party was over in mid-February (more on that this week!). I was ready for spring since we had an unusually warm January/February - really some kids were wearing shorts daily to school!

Join me as I take you on a quick tour of my house decorated for Spring.

I dread the mantle decorating - but I think I have finally figured out something that works for me. {for now, haha}

I got this cute {FREE} printable from Dear Lillie. I'm so happy to have found these...I'll be using her other months later in the year!

I tried to add a little spring to my Ballard Designs inspired cafe shelves.

I showed you yesterday this {FREE} printable I created after being inspired on Pinterest.

My chalkboard and entry table. Side note... apparently chalkboard spray paint is a lot harder to get back to "black" than roll on paint. Anyone else notice this?

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Easter Printable {FREE}

I've been working for the last several weeks on getting all my spring decorations out. The weather here in Central Texas has been crazy to say the least... hot, cold, sunny, rainy (and that could all be on the SAME day!). So, in late February it was warm enough to feel it was "time" to bring out the spring decor. I'll show you tomorrow what it's all looking like, but today I want to share with you a free printable I created. I'd seen somewhere on Pinterest a hymn printed in an egg shape and framed. I knew I had the perfect location for something like that...

My guest bathroom.

So, I decided to use one of the hymns that I think of regularly on Easter. In fact, EVERY Easter I wake up with this tune in my head. I don't think it's necessarily my favorite hymn, just the one I think of every Easter.

I typed up the lyrics and created a 5x7 printable that can be printed on any color paper and framed as you like it. I love the simple reminder what Easter is all about. I love the candy, the eggs, and the bunny decorations as much as anyone else; but I want to make sure that my focus remains on the Main Thing.

You can find the download here. {It's set up to be a 5x7, but you could use a matte to create an 8x10 piece as well}

Friday, March 9, 2012

DIY Board & Batten Tutorial

So, the dining room walls are finished!! I showed you the reveal a few weeks back (yes, WEEKS!). Man, I've been slacking BIG TIME on the blog.

Today I am going to show you how we transformed the space with a board & batten treatment.

We started with a space that looked like this...

The first thing I did was measure up about 5' on the wall and primed the bottom section.

It's amazing how different the room looks from night to day.

Once the priming was done we painted the wall white (in a semi-gloss finish).

Next, after using a chalk line to make sure we had a level mark all around the room (5' up) we nailed on a 1 x 4 on every wall for the top of the board & batten.

We had a few "issues" on my measurements but it was nothing that a few RREEAALLY tiny cuts couldn't fix. Yes, I am proud of those tiny cuts.

I then took blue painters tape to mark where I thought my vertical 1x4s would go. This gave me a good idea as to how many cuts I needed to make. You'll decide on how far apart each vertical board will be. Usually it depends on outlets, switches and other things you have to work around on your wall. Mine ended up being about 13".

I set up all the boards in my garage to prime them. I suggest priming before you nail onto the walls because you'll have to do that anyway (unless you purchase primed MDF). We used unprimed pine 1x4. This will save you time later. We lined them up close enough to use a roller to cover 2-3 at a time and then I went along with a brush to get the edges. My husband and I did this part together so I could do the edges while he rolled.

Once I determined how far apart my vertical pieces would be I cut 13" long pieces of the same 1x4s to use as my guides for spacing (and to be the second horizontal strip going around the room).

We used another chalkline to mark 13" down (to make a perfect square) for the second horizontal strip. Tip: We installed the vertical piece and the 13" horizontal piece at the same time using the 13" piece as my spacers (one up top and one down by the baseboard. Some people prefer to do the vertical piece all around the room FIRST and then going back and installing the horizontal piece. We decided that if we used the 13" piece as our spacer every time then we wouldn't have any 'oops' moments where the space between two vertical pieces were either too narrow or too wide for the horizontal piece.

Working around the room we eventually ran into an area where an outlet was going to be in the way. Don't panic!! Just get out your jig saw and measure how far up and wide the outlet will infringe on the 1x4 and cut a notch for it.

Don't you just love my professional set up I've got going on?! HA!

I have to say I've did a happy dance when it actually worked as planned!

After finishing up all the boards on the walls, we went around the top and nailed on a 1x2 for a ledge.

We finished up by doing a fresh coat of paint in almost the same color on the top portion (even thought that wasn't intended!).

I brought back the table, chairs and a new rug into the room. I'm still on the hunt for a piece of furniture for the back wall. We're getting new blinds (YIPPEE!) and then I'll work on curtains to bring in some color.

I know the piece that I want so badly for this room. It matches my table and I wanted it 3 years ago when I got the table and chairs but we passed it up to save money and got a cheaper one. Now to my utter disappointment... it's DISCONTINUED! So, if anyone has THIS...

Sell it to me! :)

I want it sooo bad! Until then... Here are the results.


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