Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lame, I know... but we're back!

So, I've been gone so long from the blog that I haven't even seen the way the new posts operate.  Wow!! They are SO MUCH BETTER!

I would love to give you a really good excuse why Tiffany & I have been MIA for over ONE MONTH... Geez, it really has been that long.  I'd like to promise you a bunch of really great things coming up soon too.  But, lets be honest.  We are busy moms of 3 with side jobs, part-time jobs, and "wanna be" jobs who really wanted to be more consistent with the blog thing.
I hope you'll welcome us back with love and encourage us to get our rear in gear for some great posts.  I will say Tiffany did a GREAT job with a really project for her kids that maybe she'll post in the near future (hint, hint).  I also need to get my pictures and thoughts in order and post about my kids candy themed birthday party from, FEBRUARY. 

It will come... it will come. 

Until then,


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