Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Decorating for Spring

Warmer weather is here (at least in Texas).
I've noticed that all of my flowers are about to burst into color!
That means re-mulching the flowerbeds and pulling the weeds is in order.
But I'll leave that up to my better half while add new pillows to the front bench.
Do you like how I still haven't taken off the tags??
Inside, I'm SLOWLY bringing out green/Easter things.
And I ended up donating my LOVE window as an auction item for a really great cause. If you live near Houston, check out this conference!! So the fireplace, which is always a work in progress for me, is for now anchored with this beauty. I'm sure everything will continue to shift around, but for now it works!


  1. What a pretty setting you are inspiring me I am in the midst of planning my porch for the spring. I love the pink next to the black!

  2. Hi! I live in Houston as well. A few homes in our neighborhood have the same purple tree like in your first picture. My husband and I love this tree and would like to plant at least one in our yard. Can you tell me the name of the tree?

  3. SO ready for Spring! I need flowers, color, green!!I live in the Texas panhandle and right now all we have is BROWN. We pray for rain to have all the colors of spring. Love the way you are decorating! -- karen


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