About Us

I am a stay-at-home mom of 3.
I love any dessert with Oreo involved.
I've been married to a minister since 2003.
He's an Aggie & I'm a Longhorn and somehow we make it work.
I have a subscription to People that I love.
I wish I could sing beautifully.
I like the beach but not the ocean.
I could spend a lot of money at Target, Ann Taylor Loft & Ballard Designs without a problem if my budget allowed.
I try my best to live my "dash" for the One who saved me.
I love all things decorating, crafting & creating...
and I love doing it inexpensively!

I am a stay-at-home mom of 3.
I married my "McDreamy" that loves me despite my cooking.
I love to travel & will save pennies & air miles to do so.
I spend my free time at flea markets,
searching for hidden treasures.
I have an obsession with spray paint.
I love all things sweet & salty, truly cursed I tell you.
I praise God every morning for the simple blessings in my life.
My DIY projects are usually inspired by someone else's DIY project. 
I'm grateful for cute & crafty women who share decorating tips & project ideas via blogs.
My wallet loves you!! That's why I'm more thrilled to share my ideas
(some original) with you!


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