Friday, March 25, 2011

Easter at my house

Wow... what bad bloggers we've been. Tiffany has a cute, adorable excuse in the package of a healthy baby boy. Me on the other hand can only claim laziness or lack of inspiration. I have a few things that need to be blogged about... but WOW when I get out of a habit it makes it real hard to jump back in. So, I figured I'd start VERY easy today and show you what Easter is looking like in our house this year.

I found this cute topiary to stick under a cloche dome which has found its home on the mantle.

My side table has a springy topiary and two ceramic rabbits that I dug out of my mom's attic.

My piano has anothe cloche, greenery and a rocking horse rabbit (again dug out of my mom's attic). Thankful for some FREE decor!

Inside the dome is this egg covered with little flowers.

The table has a little hint at Easter too... these little eggs coordinate well with my candle stick and I've set them on a rarely used tray from Southern Living.
Well, it isn't much...but it's at least got me back into the blogging game.

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