Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Embracing Blue

Hi everyone!! It's so great to be back!!
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers over our newest little one, Davis. He's sweet & perfect and keeps me busy, hence my lack of blogging!
Perhaps he's the reason I'm finally embracing the lighter side of decorating. Reds and yellows and greens have always been easy for me to decorate with, but throw in cool colors and I'm lost and confused. I see beautiful blues in Pottery Barn magazines and love them, but inevitably think that I could never pull it off.
Note: If you struggle with this as much as I do, check out this post from the Nester. She has some great tips!

So I started small.
I picked up this shutter at Round Top last week and was determined NOT to paint it red or green. The rug in the powder bath has plenty of colors to choose from, so I went with Sea Breeze Blue, a color (spray paint, of course!) that I found at Walmart. It's a beautiful color, but I have to admit, I was cringing while painting it. "What was I thinking?"...
But I actually think I like it! Take that back, I LOVE it! It's such a little thing, I know, but I think I'm finally embracing blue! Per Lindsay's suggestion, I hug this boxwood wreath on it, just too soften it up a bit. Plus, with it being green, I'm not completely abandoning my comfort zone. Baby steps, ya know?!
What about you??
Do you struggle with mixing up colors? Patterns? etc?...


  1. Great reason to take a break. I guess he went to round top with you?

  2. I totally struggle with this. I tried to start small with accent pillows, but the choices made my head spin. I gave up and decided to stay in my comfort zone. GOod for you for branching out. You are my inspiration!

  3. Oh and congrats on that sweet little one! I just had a baby boy in Jan. and am just now getting back into blogging. I know exactly how you feel!

  4. Ohh yes I struggle. Love Blue, Red, green, tans never know how to incorporate them.
    Give me some quilt fabric and I can coordinate my butt off, put in my house and forget about it! No idea, too many decisions. I could cry with it.

    And that baby is too cute.


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