Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Because I love my man...

Tiffany & I have been busy the last few days and over the weekend as we were getting ready for our first ever joint "Village House" garage sale. Since my family recently moved I'd set aside a bunch of things that I didn't need anymore. We had another friend who brought some stuff over too and the three of us (plus my mom) worked the sale this past Saturday. See the sampling of some of what we sold...

I had great visions of what my profits would buy me...
1. Headboard and bedding for guest room
2. Great long sofa table for behind our couch
3. Window treatments for any of our bare windows
4. Kitchen rug
5. Entry rug
Ok, so obviously the money wasn't going to buy EVERYTHING on my list...but a girl can dream, can't she?

Saturday after the sale I came home to find my man cleaning out our garage that had been filled with boxes after our move and a bunch of things that needed to go out to the curb. He's been talking about getting some shelves for the garage to help with some much needed organization. We just talked about it the other night and decided we should wait a few months since we've been spending money like crazy (as you do after a move to an old foreclosure!). As I was talking to my mom that afternoon it hit me... "my" money earned from the garage sale wasn't really mine. It was his -- he deserved it for all he does to support me and my crazy ideas, wants, desires and hopes for our family. So, although the garage sale was 100% my idea & my work... I was happy to buy these nice shelves for him....

Let's be real honest... his hard earned money goes towards purchasing a whole lot for me, (the house) & the kids and rarely does he get something for himself.

So, all you married ladies with a hubby who supports you 100% give him a HUGE thank you today. Thank God for that. You, my friend, are blessed.


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