Monday, July 25, 2011

Cowboy Birthday Party!

Here are some highlights from my daughter's birthday party!

Invitations: I made them out of old jean pockets. My mom is making a bluejean quilt, so they were readily available. I used cardstock and added a "hankie", just a cut piece of fabric, for color. I hand delivered as many as possible to cut back on postage.
Main Street: I used cardboard boxes from Lowes (they'll give them to you for free, just ask) and made a Main Street. My husband thought I was crazy, but the kids loved it. All it took was paint, an exacto knife & a little imagination. The kids ran in & out of the General Store & pretended like they were in jail.

Stick Horses: I was set on having stick horses (which doubled as party favors), but I could not find any ANYWHERE that we're under $20 a pop. So I made my own. To see how I made them, click HERE. I set up an obstacle course (really just 2 hay-bails) and the kids had horse races.
Firepit: With a few more hay-bails, I set up a firepit, which we used to grill Smores after the sun went down.

Pinata: As a finishing touch, I hung a cowboy hat pinata in the barn doorway.

I know I'm biased, but it was a fun party. And with so much of the work done beforehand, getting everything ready the day of the party was a cinch. We relaxed, ate hotdogs & let the kids run wild.

Keeping It Simple

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  1. That is the cutest party ever!! I found your link from Keeping it Simple party :)
    Moore Babies

  2. This is the greatest idea ever, I will do the same for my daughter's birthday party.She has like 1000 horses, no real one yet lol. She will love having a party like yours. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  3. Such a cute setup. I love the invitations, the town and especially the stick horses. I am sure the children loved it. A cake from a horseshoe cake pan turned upside down and decorated as a pair of blue jeans would have gone great with the theme. I linked from Frugal Girls.

  4. How did you make the stick horses? They are adorable!

  5. You didn't include the link as to how you made the stick horses! Also, if anyone else is looking for them: I found some at a Dollar Store. Thanks for the great ideas! My 4.5 yr old wants a Jessie/Bullseye Cake for her birthday and I'm thinking a cowboy themed party would be right up her ally!

  6. To see how I made the stick horses: In the verbiage above the stick horses picture above, it says "click HERE". Click there with your curser and it should take you to that post :)

  7. I love the idea of the invitations where can i get the jean pockets for the invitations I need about 50 email me to

  8. Super Party!!!! It gave me a lot of inspiration, thank you for sharing! Your invitations are so clever, and the stick horses are just too cute! What a great job you did!!

  9. i am planning a horse/ western themed party and stumbled upon your stick horses on pinterest. this whole party looks like a blast- I wish it wasn't January so I could use more of your ideas. This party looks like it was a lot of fun and so creative!!!

  10. I have been trying to make some stick horses for my daughter's birthday party and I can not get the shape of the horses head right for nothing. You don't happen to have the pattern you used for yours do you??
    Thank you!!!

  11. Hi Tiffany, love all of your ideas! I was wondering if you just used wardrobe boxes for your country town or if you were able to obtain bigger boxes somewhere, if so where? All I can find are wardrobe boxes...


  12. This is amazing!!! If I had enough energy I would totally copy you!! Magical childhood you are creating !!

  13. i love your party theme and the stick horses....i would be able to make them if someone wants to email me at


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