Monday, December 12, 2011

The difference a lamp can make...

I am a huge fan of lamps. I can see 5 from right where I'm sitting as I type. If I had a sofa table I'd see two more. But I am still on the hunt for the perfect table. And since putting up my Christmas tree we are more convinced we need a new couch. More on that later...

I decided to spend a little time in my son's room this weekend. It's amazing what a little vacuuming turned into. One area that has bothered me since I made his Hudson Field sign is the top of his dresser.

He's almost four so there's not just a whole lot of stuff that can really be used for decoration without him getting into it. {The basket of baseballs in the picture above were purely for staging! haha} So, for the most part it's sat pretty empty and I just didn't like how it looked.

Enter a lamp...
I moved the lamp that had been on his dresser to this side of the room and like the heigth it brings and love how it looks from the door way {although I'd prefer to have the lamp on the other end of the dresser, but there's less wording to cover on the right side}.
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Of course this rearranging has left me with a bit of a problem on the other side of the room!!

So, take a look around your house today... do you love lamps too? Do you have some areas that could use some lamps? TJ Maxx, Marshalls & Home Goods are great places to find some nice lamps (and a lot of times they have matching lamps). Happy Shopping!


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