Friday, September 3, 2010

Crafty Friday {Bow Holder}

I have been in need of a cute bow holder for quite some time! I have had two in the past that were long ribbons you hang on the wall. But with two little girls they just weren't cutting it for the amount of bows we have. This is how our bow collection has looked since we moved into our house a year ago....

(I'll admit ...I am somewhat proud that at least that's ALL there is under the cabinet. I should get some props for that, right?)

I set out this week to make a bow holder worthy of a LOT of bows. I gathered my materials.
1. an old picture frame that we weren't using (you won't need the glass)
2. Staple gun
3. backer board (Mine was FREE from my brother and was either a drawer bottom or a back to a dresser that we cut to size. Some frames come with sturdy enough backer board that you could use that...this one in particular had cardboard backing -- not what I was looking for).
4. ribbon (not shown)
5. black cloth to cover the backer board

I covered the backer board with the black cloth and then began placing my ribbon on the backside of the frame. I used my staple gun for this which was a bad idea. I didn't think about how the staples may show through on the other side. I suggest using hot glue!! But seeing as how long the bows were under the sink I was NOT stopping! I found a creative way to hide the staple gun holes (I'll show you later).

Then I put the black covered backer board into the frame & closed it up. See how the ribbons look on the front? Notice the top & bottom of each ribbon where the bows meet the frame? That's how I so creatively covered up the staple gun holes ~ with bows! Seriously when is anyone going to look that closely? And did I mention the project was almost free? It ended up costing me less than $4.00 for the ribbon & material after my lovely 40% off coupon at the craft store. I figured for that price I could live with less than perfect. :)

Hanging on the wall in my daughter's room!! I'll be making another one of these since I still have a basket full of bows that didn't fit.

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  1. this is a PRECIOUS idea, and it's cute "artwork" at the same time!!!

  2. Linds... I JUST did this last week!!! I could have written your post!!! EXCEPT yours turned out much much cuter than mine.... seriously. My project was a spur of the moment fix to a drawer full of crazy hair bows! LOL! :) Yours looks great!!

  3. You continue to amaze me!!! So impressive and super cute.


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