Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What $200 Can Buy

Have you ever sat and looked around your house adding up how much money you've spent on furnishings? My husband and I made a decision when we were newly married that we'd never finance any furniture. I am happy to say that we've lived up to that for the last 7 years and hopefully we can continue. We (particularly my husband) are firm believers that cash is king and is the most powerful negotiating technique. We have three pieces in our house in particular that we've saved a lot of money on by paying in cash and negotiating. These three pieces were each bought for $200.

Normally these doors are open to see the TV so I don't ever notice the clutter to the right...I guess someone should take care of that, huh?

This piece was thrown in when we were buying mattresses... all because we asked and had cash!

And the BEST most EXCITING $200 purchase EVER is.....

So the furniture guy told us all about this piece by name-dropping the maker and where he got it, etc. It all meant nothing to us to be real honest... but imagine my surprise when I got home & Googled to find this piece being sold for $1,700!!! Let's just say I did the happy dance a time or two. It wasn't exactly what I was wanting...but for $200 I thought I could make it work. :)

So, get out there... take your cash ONLY and negotiate!!

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  1. I love it! My husband and I are doing Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and he talks about taking cash into a furniture store and getting a deal. And what a deal, you might need to blog your negotiating skills so the rest of us can get a steal too! Love your blog, you inspire me to keep up with mine thanks fellow Texans!


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