Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More Fall Organization tips

Fall is officially here... at least it is on the calendar!! You may live somewhere that Fall is in full swing.... Here in Texas we've had a nice week of fall-ish weather that will probably be replaced next week with more "summer".

We're back with some more Fall organization tips from Jill over at Wise Changes.

Along with the colder weather means, fall clothes, blankets and heavier sheets for the beds. Now is a good time to air these items out, get them smelling fresh after being stored. Be sure to take any of these items to the dry cleaners or wash yourself, so it will be ready when you need it!

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Now is a good time for checking the exterior and interior of our homes to prepare for the winter months. Get your family involved and make it a fun game like eye spy! Tell everyone what to look for so that you can make sure windows are caulked, screens and gutters are intact, vents are sealed and doors and windows do not have any gaps that would let the heat escape and waste energy and cost you money. Dust off ceiling fans, vents, chandeliers, light fixtures and replace filters. These tend to gather more dust in the summer months and cleaning them will make your home more enjoyable as you spend more time inside.

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Although Hurricane season began June 1st, did you know it lasts until November 30th? Be prepared for a potential disaster in your home, make an emergency plan for your family and teach your children what to do in an emergency. Take some time to evaluate your emergency and first aid kits. First, make sure nothing has expired, and then replace any items necessary. If you don’t have either of these kits, now is the time to create one. Make sure your Emergency kit has bottle water, batteries, flash lights, canned food and other supplies that your family will need. Your first aid kits should have band-aids, hydrogen peroxide, ace bandage, gauze, tape and pain relievers, as well as, children’s medicine items.

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