Friday, October 8, 2010

Treasures from Canton!!

Lindsay & I had a blast last weekend! No sippie cups, no diaper bags...just 2 days of flea market fun! Check out the truck full of goodies that we came back with!...Each anxiously awaiting their true identity!
My first project is this simple white end table. I liked the curved legs & second tier, but the color needed some revamping.
So I painted it RED!
It fills the random spot by my fireplace perfectly.
And at the perfect price of $30, my husband is even excited about it!
I may go back & rough up the edges. What do you think??


  1. Love it too. Did you glaze it? I know, I always find it hard to sand something after it looks so new and fixed up.

  2. is that an aqua bench in that first picture? i may have to steal it. :)

  3. @Erin Erin... it was an aqua table I'm using for a nightstand...sadly for you it's already been painted red.


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