Thursday, November 11, 2010

Advent table

Have you broke out your Christmas decor yet??
All of my pretties have already found their way out of their plastic tubs & onto this table that I decorated for Advent at our church last night. Check it out!
It was fun and easy to throw together...
I used candlesticks, that I borrowed from my mantel, as the table's main centerpiece. I decorated 2 chargers with Christmas presents, ornaments, etc., and temporarily secured them to the candlesticks using tacky, floral tape. It was one of those look but don't touch types of things!
I set the candlesticks on some crates (that I got in Round Top) to add just a few more inches of height. I used wrapping paper for the placemats & spread out more pretties to hide the crates and tablecloth.
Each guest received a handmade, very imperfect, wine/water glass that I personalized with their initial.
They were also lucky enough to partake in the cake pops that my friend Misty & I worked so hard on! Yum! They were almost too cute to eat!...Almost!!
It was a great night and a great way to set the mood for the Christmas season!
And now that it's said & done, I have to admit that I'm fighting the thought of having to pack everything back up till after Thanksgiving!
Is early November too early??



  1. Spectacular to look at! Among other things it's definitely a feast for the eyes! I'm sure it wowed everyone.

  2. WOW, These turned out great!!! You did a wonderful job.

  3. It is not Advent yet is it? But, love the table anyway. Yours looks the cutest.

  4. Do you know you have word verification still? See Funky Junk Interiors post if you want to remove. I did not problems. You will get more comments.

  5. I love the table and all of the decor!!!! Those cake pops look so good!!!


  6. Thanks Lori! I think Advent actually starts about 4 weeks prior to Christmas. I'm not sure why we had it so early?? But you've given me the idea to maybe make an Advent calendar this year so that I can count down with me kids!
    And thanks for letting us know about the word verification!


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