Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My China Hutch

Do you remember the wall of white plates that you helped me with a few months ago?? Well, I still love it!...
But it left my china hutch looking like this...Yikes!! I'd like to think that it looked better when ALL of the plates were in there, but looking back at this picture, I wonder if it even looked good then! Talk about being white-washed!
So I pulled everything out this weekend and started from scratch. It's funny how the idea of having company motivates me to finish projects like this!
I shopped the house and found some warm-colored pretties that seemed more Fallish. I also stole these wood paintings from the living room. The pastels fit better in here. Especially if you could see the curtains. I'm too lazy to go take another picture, so you can see them here if you'd like.
This basket and garland became my no-fuss table centerpiece.
Whew! Much better. My dining room is now ready for Thanksgiving guests!
Are you doing any last minute re-arranging??


  1. Wow! That looks gorgeous. I wish I could shop the house and come up with something so beautiful!

  2. Oh, definitely like the re-do much better. What a beautiful home you have.


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