Thursday, June 9, 2011


**Disclaimer**Blogger won't let me fix my HUGE gaps between pictures and paragraphs... arg! So, I hope you'll excuse the mess.

If you're like me you follow a ton of inspiring blogs or have a zillion on your blog readers. Since really getting into the blog world about a year ago I found myself overwhelmed at how to keep up with them all without missing one amazing thing. I tried adding them all to my internet favorites and would go up and down the list seeing if anyone had a new posting. Then I started 'following' them through my google account. Then I ventured into the Google reader. None of those come close to the greatness that is

Seriously I LOVE this site.

I have no connection whatsoever to this site so this is a completely random plug for a really great way to keep up with all your favorite bloggers.
Here's how it all works. Go to their site and create an account. Then the fun part begins... start adding every one of those blogs you just can't get enough of. Once you have your list the bloglovin' site tells you when there's something new to be seen.

Once you've checked out all the updates ... or the ones you cared to click on. You can choose "mark all as read" and it clears out your queue so that when you log in next time it's only going to show you what you've not yet seen!! Another feature I love is that you can sort by blog. So if I don't have time to sort through all 66 (or 214 like after last week after my vacation!) you can choose one at a time to catch up on and mark those as read to clear them from your list.

Something else you can do is "like" a post. How great is that? So if I see a super cute birthday party or cloche idea that I don't to forget all I have to do is "like" it and bloglovin' will keep track of it for me! That would have been helpful last year when I came across a blog that had some super cute Valentine decor in her kitchen. In the world of blogging if you come across something you like you MUST MUST MUST follow it. If not, you may be like me and never come across it again. So, if you are the gal who uses a cloche dome at Valentines in your kitchen with an ornament hanger and a cute ornament... I used you as inspiration and I wish I could find you again! :)
By the way... if you don't see your name on my list that either means you didn't have anything new or your blog name is alphabetically after "K"... OR it means I don't know about it yet. So, go ahead and comment and leave your link so I can find you and add you to my bloglovin' list!
Have fun setting up your bloglovin' account!!! You'll be so happy you did.


  1. WoW! That sounds interesting. I use Google Reader in my favorites bar, but this seems more interesting.


  2. I need to check out Bloglovin'.... what a great idea! Add me to your list-- Nicole @


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