Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm no fan of wallpaper

So, I mentioned in my last couple of posts that the fam and I will be moving to a new (to us) place that we bought as a foreclosure. Most of you are aware that buying foreclosures usually mean WORK is involved to make them better or liveable.

This one was no exception. For the most part it needed little to be 'liveable' but we like to create more work for ourselves and go ahead and do most of the updates before we actually move in. I've been spending most of my free time at the house peeling wallpaper so that we could have the walls textured and then painted. I'm convinced that if you've ever removed wallpaper you will NEVER put it back up... NEVER. But I know there are a few of you loony enough to do it. :)

So... here's a sneak peak of the two bathrooms with wallpaper that needed to go!
(I'm going to regret only having 2 before pictures. Sigh)
straight out of the 90s with gold fixtures to boot

Finally a house with a toilet room!! I will LOVE being able to lock myself in to escape from my kids. Cause you know they only come to find me when I need a minute alone, right!


This will be the perfect set up for our 3 kids (one boy and two girls). See how much space there is and we can won't have the issue of someone showering when another needs to potty! Oh how I am loving this already.... and they are only 5 and 3 now!

So, there you have it... wallpaper has been removed and the texture is complete. Now we've been working on priming and painting everything!

My tips for wallpaper removal....
1. Be PATIENT.... I keep saying I feel like I've got this part down in life...but God likes to remind me how wrong I am by putting me in positions where I have to learn all over again!
2. Soak the heck out of the walls. Score and WET WET WET it down. We bought a sprayer (that people use for fertilizer, bug spray, etc) and filled it with a solution of water and fabric softener.
3. Have a partner... it feels so much better to do such a mundane task with another human being. :)
4. Promise me that you'll never, never, never put wallpaper up again. Your future home buyer will thank you! Hee hee.

I'll be back soon with a sneak of how the kitchen cabinets turned out.... thanks for your input on my last post.

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  1. I HATE removing wallpaper too! I take it down JUST like you did....complete with the bug sprayer....and HOT water...dissolves the glue faster! My back aches for you!!

    Lou Cinda :)


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