Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kitchen Table Redo & Linky Party

I have had so much stuff going on that I have been dying to blog about, but nothing was ever complete! I've had bits and pieces here and there and it really is just now coming together since our move this last weekend.

My husband and I are DIYers. We love to save money doing things ourselves (when our skill set allows). In our new home I was going to need a new kitchen table since our current set up was too big. I began looking all over the place in stores for the "right" thing at the RIGHT price! I was coming up empty. Finally I knew what I needed to do... find one on Craigslist. After much looking I found THIS!

Oh I know what you're thinking... ummm... it's in pretty bad shape. But I just knew we could make something of it! The college guy who was selling it reduced his price to $35 and I jumped on it! My plan was to paint the bottom and restain the top and find some great chairs somewhere that would coordinate.

Here's how it turned out!!

Oh I love it!! I ordered the chairs online after another LONG search for the "right" ones. I have to give major props to my husband because other than me using the sander a few times he did ALL of this redo himself. He's such a good man! He did three passes with the sander using 60 grit, 110 grit & 220 grit paper. I picked out a stain that would as closely match the chair seats as possible (I still should have gone darker).

By the way...these are HIS man hands. Haha.

I think he did 3 coats of stain. (again...should have picked the darker stain).

All that was left was to paint the side apron and the pedestal base. I had the paint color matched to the chairs so that it all coordinated.

Ignore my blank wall... just moved in Saturday. LOADS of decorating to do!

Are there any other DIYers who have turned worn out furniture into your treasure? I'd love to see it! I need some inspiration for a secretary hutch that needs a facelift. Link up!!

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  1. Lovin' your table. Lovin' college kids that sell stuff cheap! Great job. Finding chairs are the hardest thing. Love yours. Lori

  2. I wish I did have something to share.. just spray paint projects lol
    that looks amazing!!!

  3. Came across your blog from Frou Frugal link up. Your table looks fantastic! I love finding posts like this, they motivate me to get some work done around my own place!

  4. I have the very same table(free) and I painted it the same way. LOVE IT! Good job!

  5. You did a very nice job on this!!! I love repainting/finishing furniture!!!!

  6. Super LOVE it! I love how the carved detail stands out on the apron after it was painted! I am a Craig's List gal too. Gotten several pieces there!!!

  7. That is beautiful! I love craigslist. :)

  8. this turned out so pretty. I am a total craigslist'aholic!!! lol check out my blog and you will see all my "redos". Great job!!!

  9. how beautful! I have a table and chairs that I want to paint as well. All you bloggers keep inspiring me. Thanks!

  10. New to your blog-love what you did to the table!!

  11. I have the same table! My table was given to us several years ago and is also in bad shape. I bought the same Walnut stain..haha..months ago but never used it. Your table looks great. I am almost ready to redo ours. I think I am going to use black in place of white. Stop by my blog if you get a chance :)

  12. LOVE it!! After painted it looks more chic. I have to paint my table like yours. It's a great idea!

  13. Do you have to put anything over the stain on the bottom of the table before you paint it? Just curious. Thinking about redoing my kitchen table as well. Thanks

    1. We didn't do anything but use the liquid stain stripper (it goes on with a paint brush and then you wipe off). It's been almost a year and the paint is holding up well on the areas that aren't hit by the chairs. Since the table has claw feet the tips of the claw are a little worn since our chair legs hit them sometimes. Good luck on your project! :)


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