Monday, October 3, 2011

Good Girl Jar

I've created a good behavior reward system for my 3 (almost 4) year old daughter Addison! I first saw this idea here & thought it would be perfect for her. I've noticed that she thrives on rules & rewards lately. Not that she always obeys the rules :), but she likes to know what's expected of her.

I came up with 6 different activities that she could use encouragement on. Each small jar represents that chore or behavior.
The large tupperware is the rewards jar.
I spray painted the lids black (I used primer first) & cut out circles of different colored card stock. I used white card stock & Lindsay's Silhouette machine (thanks Lindsay! I've put it on my Christmas list!) to make the activities . I glued everything together with a glue stick, which worked fine for Day 1, but may need to be re-addressed with further wear & tear.
With each successful behavior, Addi can move 1 coordinating item to her reward jar. For eating well & asking to be excused from the table, she gets a green pom pom. Brushing her teeth earns her a blue flower. Cleaning up her room and the living room gets her a jingle bell. She gets a pink crystal ball for doing something kind for someone else. And a cross if she can recite her weekly bible verse. We've JUST started working on that one, so we'll see how it goes! And I notice that I'm a picture short. But purple is for bedtime. If Addi goes to bed (and does not get out of bed), than she gets a jewel in the morning.
The rewards jar consists of prizes that Addison loves! A piece of candy. A craft project. A trip to the store to get a new toy. And once it reaches the princess crown, SHE gets to pick the reward (within reason). Maybe a trip to the park or ice cream with Dad. I like the idea of letting her pick, but I'll have to see how that one plays out! The good thing about the reward icons, is that I can change them out if they don't seem to work or if she tires of them. I just printed the pictures on address labels so that I could cut them out and stick them on the jar.
Like I said, this was only the first day, but Day 1 was a huge success! Even my younger daughter (just turned 2) contributed to the jar tonight by brushing her teeth and picking up her toys! So this could be a great way to encourage team work with them! Well see!


  1. i saw that idea on pinterest as well and have been wanting to do it, but i wouldn't want anything but the white decals on the lids. is there any way you can make more and sell me a set? i don't have a silhouette!!!

  2. Hey Erin! I'd love to help you out! It's only been 2 days, but my girls are loving the new jar. I should have done this sooner! So yes. Email me at and we can talk details!


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