Thursday, September 29, 2011

My VERY Simple Fall Decor

It's officially FALL!!! YAY, I am so excited.
But, we live in Texas so there really isn't a 'Fall' season here like in other places. Check out the weather forecast for tomorrow!

Although I am sad about the temperature, I couldn't be more happy about the potential for RAIN! We need it oh so bad. It rained here for a little while this afternoon and my kids had a great time using their umbrellas.

If you haven't heard, Texas has had a terrible drought this year. So, we've only seen rain a handful of times {ALL YEAR LONG}. There have been countless wildfires all over our state. This one broke out just across the highway from our house. Thankfully it was contained quickly and no structures were damaged.

So, I finally pulled out my fall decor last weekend (or I should say my hubby did!). As I pulled it all out I realized how much I disliked what little I had.
I've started working part-time at my kids school so my "free" time is limited. The house won't be decorated like I wish it was... but for this season, here's what I've got.

For the life of me I can't take a good photo of my mantle. The lighting is never right! And every time I look at it on 'film' I realize how blah it really is.

I will add candy corn to this apothocary jar {eventually when I make it to the grocery store}.

I made this Fall frame by cutting out the word FALL using my Silhouette machine, using it as a stencil and spray painting it. That's the lazy way {hence the fuzzy edges}. I'd recommend hand stenciling it with a sponge brush.

This wreath is hung on the mirror using a burlap sash.

I added a few fall colored berry stems to this urn that was already here. More berries are on my Hobby Lobby to do list.

Well, there you have it. It's simple. It's boring. It's lacking the awe factor. But considering it was 100* today it's as "fallish" as I'm able to feel today.


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