Thursday, September 1, 2011

Baby Boy's Nursery

I finished the nursery last week!! Better late than never right??
I kept it pretty simple. The walls were already blue & the bottom half was already beadboard, a project that Lindsay helped me with last year.
I'm thrilled with the way the crib turned out. It goes well with the bedding and is a good contrast to the cool walls.
I spray painted a "D" to match the crib & framed a sepia colored picture of my buddy in an old Ikea picture frame.
I exchanged light colored baskets with these darker ones to make the bookcase look more boyish. The top 2 baskets actually hold clothes and blankets, since there isn't a dresser in here. The canister of baseballs is a plastic drink dispenser, minus the spout. It looks close enough to the ones I like from Pottery Barn Kids, but was half the price at Walmart.
The pallet bookshelves have worked out great. (If only I had mounted them lower so that my kids could put the books up when they're done with them!)
It was relatively easy to pull together since I already had most of the furnishings. I used a brown shower curtain for the curtain and borrowed a pillow from our guest room for the rocking chair.
Even if it's 6 months after his birthday,
I love having a little boy's room in our house :)

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  1. Love the Nursery! How did you make the book shelves? They would go perfect in our vintage nursery for my daughter!


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