Monday, September 5, 2011

Noah's Ark Birthday Party

So this weekend was my daughter's 2nd birthday & we had so much fun celebrating with friends and family!! It was Noah's Ark themed so everything was based around animals & rainbows.
These balloons greeted our guests at the door. An inspiration from Martha Stewart. I cut the ears, mane & noses out of tissue paper & used a permanent marker for the eyes. Thank you Merideth, for helping with these cute guys!!
For the snacks table, I tried my best to coordinate each animal with a treat. There were cheetos, zebra cakes, goldfish, popcorn and bananas (my daughter's favorite).
I also made fruit kabobs in rainbow colors.
It may have been the first time my girls had tried kiwi, but they loved it :)
For an activity, we made rainbows out of skittles. Each child had an empty water bottle with their name on it & could fill it with whatever color skittles they wanted. It was a GREAT activity that kept their attention!!
Thanks Lauren, for making the sign!
I found rainbow party circles here and added them to each name tag.
Here's the birthday girl, very focused on which color goes next!
My mom made an INCREDIBLE rainbow cake!!
We got the idea here and kind of made it our own. I love the plain, unassuming white frosting that when cut reveals all of the colored layers!
It took 3 cake mixes & 3 cans a frosting & was wonderfully delicious!!
Thanks again mom!
And thanks to Lindsay who made these adorable invitations!
I love how they turned out :)
Thanks to everyone who came to the party, jumped on the trampoline, helped sweep up skittles, push kids on the swing set, clean up the playroom & pass out cake! It was a wonderful party & we're so glad you could celebrate with us :)

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  1. This is amazing you did a wonderful job! I love all the details and it turned out perfect! I know everyone had a great time because just from the pictures it looked Fab!!!

  2. So stinkin' cute! I love the cake!

  3. Too cute! Where did you find/get the 2-sided chalkboard that is on your front porch, first picture? I have been looking for one.


  4. Love love love!!!


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