Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pallet project

I found a use for last week's pallet...
This was the idea that I found on Pinterest. Gotta love Pinterest!
And here is my version.
2 bookshelves for my son's room.
And here's how I made them.
Using Lindsay's handy hand saw, I cut off both sides of the pallet.
Then cut pieces from the extra slats to fit into the bottom of each shelf.
Nailed them in.
And added hangers.
It was as easy as it looks & actually took me longer to stain them than to make them.
So thank you Pinterest for the great idea!


  1. Simply perfect. Wow, I might have to jump on that pinterest band wagon. Like the new header.

  2. I found the same thing on pinterest. I actually wanted to do a bookshelf out of those seasoning boards from ikea but they don't have them anymore in Germany, so I found the same idea and I really think yours turned out great. luckily I have one of those things lying around in my garage, so that'll be my next project! Thanks for reminding me!


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