Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm noticing a trend here

I've noticed throughout my house now I have a color trend. I have always been a red/green/gold girl and I'm starting to venture away from that scheme. It is honestly hard to do when I've always gravitated towards those colors while shopping. I am noticing that apparently I have a new favorite color...

I painted these shutters to hang in our living room and added my coffee filter wreath for texture.

This shutter was found up in the attic at our old house. My sweet hubby asked me if I wanted to keep it before he threw it out... of course he knew the answer {which is why I'm sure he asked}.

Remember these nightstands I showed you from my master bedroom?

And of course the biggest transformation at this house was our cabinets.

What about you? What's your color of choice?


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