Monday, August 1, 2011

Feel better, my friend.

Do you ever feel like a complete failure when it comes to housekeeping? Do you ever wonder if your friends houses are ever as messy as yours? Does it ever seem that there's a never ending list of "to-dos" at you house? Well, I'm here today to tell you.... Feel better, my friend!! You're not alone.

This is my house after the birthday party last weekend... but, sadly not the day of the party. Nope...this is Sunday afternoon. I always tell my friends that I hope the Lord doesn't call me home on a Sunday afternoon. If he does, you'll find my house a wreck. Breakfast on the table, beds unmade, and PJ's from 5 of us strewn around the house. Am I alone?! I'd like to say it looks a lot better today - but let's be honest, I have 3 'helpers' who make another mess as soon as I clear one up. They are blessings for sure but MAN they are a LOT of work!!!

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  1. My house always look rough by Sunday evening. That's why Monday morning is busy. . . I'm cleaning up from the weekend.


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