Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chalkboard Wreath

I made this chalkboard wreath a few weeks ago for a client of mine. 
We used it to stage her kitchen since we didn't have enough time to find a larger buffet for this wall. 
 Here's how I made it.
Can you tell it's dark? It was the night before her corporate event.
Nothing like a little pressure, to get a project done!

I measured out the size of my wreath. The picture is kind of deceiving, but this is a very large wreath. About 50 inches in diameter. I traced a circle on the plywood to where I thought was the middle of the bundle of twigs, so that the plywood would extend under the wreath but not come out from the side. Does that make sense?
 Before cutting out my circle, I drilled 4 holes. One in each corner of the circle.
 I then cut out my circle. Nice and even. 
 I painted with chalkboard paint.
I don't suggest the spray paint. I hear that it doesn't go on as smooth.
 The next morning, I used floral wire to secure the board to the wreath. 
Cut a foot long piece of wire. From the front of the wreath, push both ends through the twigs. Have one end go through your pre-drilled hole and have the other end go through the twigs just on the outside of your plywood circle. Repeat for each hole at each corner.
 Now that both ends of your wire are at the back of your board (one through the hole), pull them tightly together and twist them like you would a bread bag twisty. Cut your wires and tuck the ends back up into the wreath so that they won't scratch the wall when you hang it. 
I also used wire to make a hanger for the wreath. 
Cut a 6 inch long piece of wire, find a secure twig and tie both ends down about 3 inches apart.
 And there you have it. A great piece that can be changed out for the seasons.
Now I just need to make one for myself! :)

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  1. This is such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing... Have a blessed week!
    stringtown home

  2. I LOVE THIS! It will be perfect for a bare spot in my kichen. Where did you find the twig wreath? I want something REALLY BIG:) Thanks!!


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