Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Finished Dining Room {Finally}

If you haven't forgotten all about us here at That Village House (due to our utter lack of attention to the blog) you may remember a few months ago I shared with you the beginnings of my dining room makeover. I first told you how I envision things with blue painters tape.  Then I shared my plan of action with you.
Remember how it started?
It was a neglected room at the front of our house... the first thing our guests saw when they walked in the door.  I was fed up with how it looked and once I had a plan {and my husband was on board} I quickly got to work.

I gave you the tutorial here of how I transformed the walls of the room using board and batten.
I also made a plea for someone to sell me the Rowley Creek Double Bookshelf that matched my table and has been discontinued. 

So, I lived with a room that looked like this for quite a while.
I searched the internet for the right curtains to bring to the room.  I knew they had to have color and had to have pattern since everything in the room was neutral and 'plain'... thanks for pointing that out, Mom!

I finally landed on these beautiful curtains from Pottery Barn. 

I am usually ALWAYS very thrifty and so spending a ton of money on curtains is never something I do.  After begging my friends for a Pottery Barn coupon that wasn't being used and having success (Thanks, Sarah!!) I ordered these and anxiously awaited their arrival. 

Back to that long blank wall in the back....
I really needed something to go here and planned on searching for something great and unique at Round Top in April.  I was still scouring Craigslist just in case someone was selling something that would work.

I'd been searching for months for my beloved Rowley Creek Double Bookshelf and almost made a Spring Break trip to Colorado to pick up one that a furniture store's website claimed to exist (false advertising... out of stock!!). 

I used the search feature on Craigslist - "Rowley Creek", "Ashley", "Double Bookshelf"... NOTHING to be found.  I searched nearby Houston, Dallas, Austin, etc.  NOTHING.  I called around to any remotely close Ashley Warehouse to see if by chance they had just one of these things laying around.  NOTHING. 

Then the heavens broke forth and the Lord heard my cries... okay, so it wasn't THAT SERIOUS...but man alive, you'd think I had won the lottery the day I found IT... the piece I was dying to have...the one that I thought nothing else could compare or replace. 
I'm not even kidding when I tell you I couldn't call the Craigslist seller FAST ENOUGH.  Nevermind that I literally had a sleeping 4 year old on my chest {Sidenote: It will never get old to have one of my sleeping babes cuddle in for a catnap}.  I called the lady in an almost panic/emotional/"I've got to have this piece" state.  I actually told her in the message I left "I HAVE TO HAVE THIS PIECE"... so much for room for negotiation.  I showed her all my cards {Sidenote: my husband was disappointed in my tactics...he's taught me everything I know and I blew it...haha}.  We made arrangements to drive an hour or so to Cypress pick it up (along with a matching table and chairs that I planned to resell).  George & I  called it a date and made our way sans kiddos with a trailer to pick up my newest pride and joy. 

And guess what y'all... it DID NOT FIT!

So, my incredibly sweet, loving, generous hubby went back the next morning at 6am with a college guy and a different trailer to pick it up.  Let me just tell you... he's pretty much the best around. 

Now, if you have hung in there long enough to make it this far on this post.... Here's the room reveal.  It's 90% complete... You'll see what I mean below.

This room has probably become my favorite in the whole house.  I'm so happy with how it has turned out.  The last finishing touches will be replacing the frames on the wall of our kids to be larger to fill the space better and maybe figuring out something to use as a tablescape.  For now... I can check this off my list of the house "to-do's".


  1. Meredith BeeverMay 8, 2012 at 9:08 AM

    LOVE the curtains in that room. And reading your comment about your pride and joy not fitting in the trailer reminded me of when my husband and I lived in a 2 bedroom house in Bryan, right after we got married. It had a tiny kitchen but it was time for a new refrigerator, so off to Lowe's we went. We found an amazing deal on a "scratched" (BARELY, and on the SIDE) Whirlpool and snatched it up. They loaded it in the trailer and off we went. When we got home, we realized that we didn't even bother to measure to make sure the thing would FIT in the kitchen. And you guessed was WAY too big. So instead of loading back onto the trailer and returning it, we just completely remodeled our kitchen! LOL...that GREAT deal on the refrigerator was much more expensive that it should have been.
    Anyway, sorry to hijack, but you got my day started with a good chuckle. :)

  2. You have my dining room furniture!!! Love it!!

  3. You could put another row of 3 matching frames above the 3 you have there.

  4. Love this room! Beautiful job!

  5. Love this room! Love your blog and new follower. Can you tell me where you got your dining room furniture? I would love to have a set just like that one day when we build a bigger house and actually have a dining room.

  6. Lindsay,

    Do your recall the name of those drapes? Looks great!

  7. Hi there, I just love your dinning room makeover its beautiful. Its a good thing you waited for your cabinet because sometimes us decor divas jump in to fast and buy things that we dont have our heart set on. I love the dark colors with the red accent pieces. The caninet is to die for. i am in the middle of re doing my dinning room and you inspired me. Nice job.

  8. I know the feeling on that piece I own the very same one, it is sitting in my dining room waiting for the rest of the room to be finished around it! It was love at first sight so I snagged it when I saw it. Your room is gorgeous I hope mine comes out half as well!

  9. I am being given a black sideboard for our new home and I now envision a table just like this in our dining room (which will also be the first room you enter. Where is your table from?

  10. Beautiful job on the dining room, hope you enjoy it for years to come.
    The set you are all asking about was from Ashley Furniture and is called the Rowley Creek dining table and double bookcase, it is discontinued. I lucked into getting that incredible bookshelf at a thrift store, for a steal price. It is 300 pounds and much bigger than it looks, I also misjudged the vehicle I would need to bring it home and had to borrow a truck. It is truly stunning and worth all the effort.

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  13. I have that table. I would like to find the arm chairs. Any ideas


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