Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Resolutions {House Edition}

The Nester is hosting a linky party today featuring house goals. She mentions that in the past one of her goals was to "pay cash for a new sofa". I have never been one to actually sit down and write out goals for the year - be it for the family, myself or MY HOUSE!! But, I am inspired... so here it goes.

All of these goals come with an asterisks since my husband and I are in the middle of making a HUGE decision. We live in a college town and our house is in prime rental location. So, we are praying about whether or not we will try and rent out our house and move on from here to something else. It all hinges on several financial markers so we will just have to see what is in store for us. Now... on with the show!

1. Get a chair for this area ... on the cheap! :)

2. Tackle this wall.

This is my family room wall. The big hole in the middle used to be where the piece of art from the above picture lived. Now I envision beadboard & a darker color up top. I am "living" with the secretary as is and don't know if I'll ever paint it.

3. Fill all my empty frames.

I am notorious for buying frames and they stay empty for a long time... or they have the stock photo in them forever. I've had a frame on my nightstand for months with a sepia picture of a man and a little boy in cowboy gear... it's about time I put one of my own family in there I think

3. Keep this area CLEARED off!

This is the first stop when you come in our house so inevitably it gets cluttered fast! (like it is here). My little tray that needs to be spray painted helps but the counter still has piles on it most days.

5. Baskets and better organization for the playroom shelves

We were fourtunate to have these shelves already built into the room we use as a playroom. I have some baskets but it drives me crazy that they are all different sizes, colors and shapes. One day I'd like to have them nicely organized like they look in Pottery Barn. any of you live like that? :)

I have some others too:
1. Make the backyard kid friendly
2. Keep my house in drop-by condition so when/if people drop-by I'm not totally mortified.
3. Reupholster my sad Goodwill chair.

And if we ACTUALLY do rent out our house and have to find another one my overall goal will be to make that feel like home as this one does now.

What about you? Do you have goals this year for your house?


  1. Good luck with your goals!!!! I love the kitchen, I am looking forward to getting mine finished. Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi, Lindsay! I LOVE your kitchen cabinets...they are beautiful! It is hard for me to keep my countertops cleared off too. :) Wal-Mart has some pretty decent canvas bins in different sizes. I got some khaki colored ones for our built-ins for toys, and they've held up very well for over a year! I'm visiting from The Nester's Home Goals party. I hope you'll stop by my blog to say hi. :)


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