Friday, January 7, 2011

My simple valentine decor

My house is very simply decorated for Valentine's day. I don't have much decor and what I actually do have is pretty small anyway. But, it's a touch and it helps clear some blank spots I had since I undecorated from Christmas.

I made this simple rag wreath to hang on the hooks where the keys go.

I bought the LOVE sign from Hobby Lobby (and noticed Tiffany had the same one). We must really be friends. Please ignore the fact that my secretary shelves are STILL NOT decorated or filled. One of two things happen here... 1. You don't notice it's empty since the LOVE sign is on the knob or 2. It's glaringly obvious since the LOVE sign is on the knob. Either way... it stays!

I also found the standing hearts at Hobby Lobby and liked how they were non-traditional Valentines colors.

Under my cloche I have an ornament hanger with a sparkly red heart and I added some berries to give dimension. I still didn't like how it looked so I placed everything on a red tile I had bought years ago to sit on my daughters shelf. It will do until I find a red berry wreath to go around the whole cloche. Ever notice how things you are wanting can't be found when you actually need them?!

I showed you last week how I made this candy jar. I filled it with candies I am not a fan of so that I'm not at all tempted to mess with my decorations! :)

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  1. Love all your ideas! Especially the convo heart topiaries. So adorable! Thanks for sharing.


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