Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hall Bath Remodel

I can't believe this hasn't been blogged about yet!! It was one of the most anticipated remodels that we had when we moved into our house almost 2 years ago. The HALL BATH!!

Remember this house was built in the 60s and most recently was occupied by 5 college renters! It needed some major help that's for sure. Don't believe me? Check out the kitchen and exterior remodels we did.


Notice that the tub was never intended to be a shower! The previous owners had rigged a shower head to do the job and the tile splash didn't even reach the head.

Lovely square tiles with old, dark grout. The one thing it did have going for it was that it was installed on the diagonal!

The toilet area had tile up the wall. For what purpose? I don't know! It was in better shape than the floor though. At least the grout was still white!


We purchased a new toilet, installed beadboard all the way around the room (equal to where the tile had been on the wall).

Ahh... a real shower head & tile surround. We kept the same tub to save money and it was still in fair shape.

Fresh tile, fresh paint, new beadboard, fixtures and it feels so clean!

The lighting isn't fantastic so I apologize! But hopefully you can get a good idea of where we came from and where we took it!

We also renovated the vanity top & lighting...but I can't find the pictures of that project. So, when I do find them I'll show that off too!

Now... I can't wait to see similar results from our latest project... the master bath!!!

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  1. So wonderful, what a change. I would add a second shower curtain, one on each side for fullness. Just thinkin...

  2. oh I love it! Love the tile and the decor! great job!

  3. Wow!!! looks beautiful!!!! I really like your shower curtain!!

  4. I love your bathroom. reminds me a little like ours that we just remodeled. Don't you just love the newness of it?


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