Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Finally! The day has come...

A year ago we bought a house that had been occupied by 5 college renters! You've seen the transformation we did in the kitchen. The exterior had seen its day. They grass was a breeding ground for mosquitos, there were no flower beds to speak of, the entire house was painted the same ugly color as the brick. I told my husband when we bought the place that the one thing I HAD to do was fix up the outside. My feeling about a house is nobody cares what the inside looks like if the outside is still ugly. Right?

So here is our beginning point... After a few years of 5 dudes "taking care of it"

The During... primed and ready to go!

Finished and waiting for the final touches...

We finished up the porch with new light, door hardware & house numbers.

Eventually I'd like to have two rockers on the porch but for now this wicker chair serves the same purpose. The little table is a TV tray which I got for FREE from a sweet friend and I've spray painted it black. I have a citranella candle on it to help keep our pesky Texas mosquitos away!
The final result! I'm pretty excited about how it turned out! I feel like our house is no longer the ugliest on the block! Maybe just maybe it's the best looking one?!

The window to the left of the door isn't normally that bright... obviously I could improve on my photography skills! :) And I think I see another project in my future with our leaning tower of a mailbox.
UPDATE: Thanks to Renae for asking you can now know our paint colors... Brick: Benjamin Moore "Crownsville Gray", Shutters: Sherwin Williams "Tricorn Black", Door: Sherwin Williams "Stolen Kiss" as for the trim... I can't remember...but it was some sort of creamy white.

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  1. Wow, it's beautiful=) I love the door!

  2. IT LOOKS AWESOME!!!! You picked a great color- I know you must be so excited about how it turned out. We might need to do a drive-by later. ;)

    And your comment at the end of the post cracked me up... the leaning mailbox. :):)

  3. Hi Lindsay,
    I came over from Domestically Speaking and really loved what you did to the outside of your house. It is really a small world. I could tell from the house it looked like it was in Texas somewhere. I was reading some earlier posts and saw the one you did on the shutters. Saw the sign and realized who you are. I go to CBC but you wouldn't know me. You may know my inlaws!! Love everything you have posted about. Y'all are very creative. Maybe we will meet one day.

  4. Wow, Lindsay! What a difference! I love your new house color -- and the front door, too! The red really pops! :) Great job!

  5. OMGosh, what a transformation! Your house is gorgeous. I love the colors you chose.

  6. Your house is definitely gorgeous! I love the colors and the especially the red door. So inviting ;)

  7. @Sherilan
    that is a small world! I'd love to meet you! you'll have to tell me who your inlaws are! :)

  8. @Lindsay

    My in-laws are Don & Margaret Young. I just started my blog a couple of months ago. I'm always tweaking it. Yours is really great. If you ever want to go out to garage sales give me a call!!

  9. I definitely think it's the best on the block!! It really looks wonderful...can't wait to see it in person.

  10. Looks amazing... it's so warm and inviting now... LOVE the red door and your whole color scheme. I'm putting your house in the PoPP Spotlight on Saturday... thanks for sharing with us!

  11. saw you from POP with Maryann. Wonderful and welcoming. Love the chairs.

  12. You chose a lovely shade of green for the exterior. Very welcoming!!


  13. It is beautiful! It's great that you could see the potential in it to become like a new house. I love the red door! I got two simple black rockers last year as my Christmas gifts from Lowe's. They've held up great.

  14. I think we're all thinking, "Please share your paint colors!" I live clear up in Nebraska so you can be assured no one will compare our houses!! We're painting our brick next spring and I really can't wait. This transformation is AMAZING!

  15. @It's a Mom Thing
    Oh I SOOO wanted those rockers last year!! But we weren't ready to paint yet and now they are gone! I'm on the hunt for some now but am thinking maybe I'll go with white instead! It's good to know that the Lowe's ones have held up well though...they seemed to be really reasonably priced too if I remember correctly. Thanks for sharing. :)

  16. @Renae Renae..thanks!! Okay the brick color was Benjamin Moore "Crownsville Gray", the black was Sherwin Williams "Tricorn Black", and the red door is Sherwin Williams "Stolen Kiss". Paint a LOT of samples if you can...if your hubby is anything like mine this is a one-time event so you want to get it 'right'! When you do paint in the spring I'd love to see it! Remember me. :)

  17. Woo hoo! Yes, the hubs wants to do it only once! I had another BM gray (clarksville I think) on my list so I will check this out. Just gorgeous!! Thanks so much.

  18. What looks so great! It's unbelieveable what a difference paint can make!! I found your blog from Keeping it simple and I'm your newest follower! Have a great day! ~Andrea

  19. Just linked up next to you on the Before and After on Thrifty Decor Chick! Love the new look your house is sporting, we just did the same makeover! It's amazing what a little paint can do, don't you think?

  20. That is gorgeous! I love what you did with the landscaping, too.

  21. What a beautiful transformation! I think you did a great job with everything, love the paint colors... talk about curb appeal! Love it :)

  22. It looks amazing! I love the colors you chose and it just really transformed the house. Well done!

  23. What a transformation! I love it! I really want to paint our exterior brick but I'm so scared! Yours looks great!
    And I LOVE that basket on your door!
    (coming to you from the Nester...enjoyed reading!)

  24. Beautiful indeed! I found your blog while searching for crownsville gray as I have a sample drying on my house. Would you mind telling me if it looks more greenish than gray on a large scale. This is the hardest choice to make! Thanks.


  25. @Sixty-Fifth Avenue
    Londen, yes it's definitely more greenish than gray. if you're looking for a gray look then that's probably not your color choice! :) It wasn't what I was going for...but I like it anyway! Good luck!!

  26. This is gorgeous!
    It's exactly the color scheme I am thinking about. I will have to check out that paint color. Thanks for sharing this link with me.

  27. Wow! Fantastic job! Do you mind sharing the technique you used to paint the brick? I'm thinking of doing the same, but I'm not sure if I should hire someone, or if I can handle the job myself. Thanks!

  28. @Anonymous We actually did hire someone. Our schedules just didn't allow for us to do it in a timely manner... but I can tell you that they primed the whole house, then sprayed the trim, and rolled the brick. You could definitely do it yourself...but it could take a long time depending on how much house you've got. Goodl luck to you! :)

  29. hey there,

    Love the transformation of your house. I have a question, my husband and I bought a house a year ago and I have the feeling, the outside needs to be revamped just like we did the inside. I have brick on the outside, not yet painted. I know once you paint it you can never go back - but its the old plain brown brick that is really difficult to modernize no matter what you do with the outside. I dont know if i'd ever be able to convince my husband to paint the brick, but just wondering, do you think its worth it? Does it lower the value of the house at all? Every house on my street is original brick so i dont want to stand out too much, but dont want to look bland either. Also a house up the road is painted white and it looks so horrible. I love the look of painted brick but am scared to take the risk! Can't go back once its done! Help?

    1. Hey Ashley... I absolutely think painting the brick was worth it. It really makes our house stand out among all the other 1950-1960s homes on the street...but not like an eyesore. I suggest continuing an online search of painted houses. I think that Traci at 'Beneath my Heart' did a blog post a while back of just that... she drove around town and took tons of pics of painted brick homes. I also think it helps with the value of our home... especially if you have ugly brick to begin with! :) I say go for it!! I'm so glad I did.

      Good luck!!

  30. I found your post when looking for pictures of painted brick! Awesome job :) I'm a new GFC follower!


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