Thursday, August 5, 2010

outdoor living

I've been inspired by this picture & The Nester to redo my back porch.
Doesn't this look so inviting?!

This is what my back porch looked unfortunate starting point!
Hopeless, confused & cluttered with toys!

And this is what my back porch looks like now!!
I'm in LOVE!
Aren't you in love??
And this is how I did it. Very simple really.

I went back to the basics.
I de-cluttered & cleared out everything.
First, I added a rug & rearranged the chairs to seem more inviting.
I grabbed 2 wicker chairs from my front porch to complete a sitting area.
I then added drapes to make the space seem more like a living room.
I used broadcloth from Hobby Lobby for $1.99/yd + a 40% coupon!
What a deal!
But the best part...NO sewing!!
I picked up a few plants from Lowes & added those.
Then I "shopped the house" for 2 end tables and other knick knacks.
And Voila!!
A cozy outdoor space that prompts relaxation!! Despite the Texas heat!!

Do you have a back porch that's in need of some lovin'?? Tell us about it!!

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  1. That really is sooo inviting! Can I come over:)
    Visiting from
    Come by and check out my fun giveaway!!

  2. This is very nice and VERY welcoming. I love the drapes!

  3. oh my. Yes I am in love also! This is a gorgeous GORGEOUS space!!! Love it!
    great job.

  4. Ahhhh! This is gorgeous! Very nicely done. Thanks for linking up!


  5. I love shopping the house. Your porch looks great!


  6. Wow, this looks great. What a transformation! Makes me want to run out buy some drape material and get started on mine...

  7. I thought that looked like a Texas Porch:-) (I live here in Texas too) It looks so great! You did an awesome job!

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