Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quick Change {Pillows}

I'd like to think that Fall is coming soon. But let's be honest... we live in Texas and Fall doesn't show up until... well, I'm not sure Fall ever shows up here! I've had the same pillow shams and throw pillow for probably 6 years. Why is that you ask? We'll I am a commitment-phobe. I was tired of our bedding after less than a year of marriage. I found my red quilt at TJ Maxx or the equivalent and the coordinating pillows for probably less than the old comforter cost. I made a commitment to my hubby that this would last a while...and it has lasted 4 moves. But even he said that the shams were getting a little "ratty"....gasp...that's music to my decorating ears! I was browsing our local TJ Maxx and found something that wouldn't clash with the red quilt (which I am not ready to part with quite yet) and sort of feels ready for Fall. Sadly, I'll admit that these shams will probably be used well into the Spring and Summer of next year. I am just not that "with-it" when it comes to home fashion... sue me.



What do you think? And does anyone have any fun ways you get ready for the Fall at your house? Please share!


  1. I love the paisley fabric on the new shams. Gorgeous and they look fabulous with the red quilt. Pillow covers always make such a huge difference in a room and totally change the feel of it. Good job. Hugs, Marty

  2. The bomb. The paisley is perfect.

  3. i really like them. they are so spunky!


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