Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What's Your Sign?

So I have wanted a family sign for just about forever!!! I have seen several at craft shows & online but have never bitten the bullet and bought one for myself. There are so many variations to this sign... some etched, vinyl, overlayed, with all the names, & some with art. I wanted just my last name and just the year we were married... no additional frills. I figured rather than keep searching until I found one (that I would talk myself out of due to cost) I would make my own!!

I started with a piece of wood like this...

Added my letters like this...

Painted like this...
Excuse the arm blocking part of the shot... my personal photographer was doing his best (blame it on my awkward painting position).

Beat it and sanded it with things like this...

And ended up with something like this!! For my very first hand painted sign I'm fairly happy with it.

What have you made for yourself because you just couldn't find (or afford) exactly what you were looking for?


  1. This caught my eye...I think it came out terrific. There is something special about completing a personal project like this. And I totally have "I can make that myself" syndrome!

  2. Way to go!!! It looks awesome!! :):) I love that idea.... I can add it to my EVER growing list of things I want to do when I have 5 minutes to myself! :)

  3. This looks great! I like the simplicity of it. How did you actually trace the letters onto the wood?

  4. I used carbon paper...but if you have a soft wood you could just press hard and if you've got a good eye follow the indention of your markings.

  5. I love personalized things and it's great that you handpainted this!


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