Monday, August 16, 2010

we all scream for ice cream!

Sydney's ice cream birthday party was this weekend!!
We held it in our backyard and prayed for good weather. There's nothing like cold ice cream to beat the Texas heat!
For simple decorations, I strung ice cream cones in the trees.
An idea I got from TheTomKat studio.
I had fresh, cold watermelon sitting out as the guests arrived. Whether eaten or not, serving a healthy snack cleared my conscience about all of the sugar that was about to be inhaled! I borrowed this shutter from my hallway to add color & interest.
The main attraction was of course, the ice cream table!
Campbell Ryan designed these adorable labels for the cups and toppings.
Inspired by Martha Stewart, I even tried to incorporate the ice cream theme into the cupcakes.
Kids grabbed bubble wands from 1 pail & wet ones from the other.
This pinata, from Hobby Lobby, was a huge hit with the older kids.
For the younger ones, I laid out toys on this rug
(a garage sale find from years past).
As party favors, each family took home their own ice cream shoppe.
A great idea from Polkadots & Pirates.
Just add ice cream!
Everything went over so well, we may be having ice cream parties every summer, whether celebrating birthdays or not~

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  1. So cute! Makes me crave some ice cream even though it's only 8 am!

  2. oh I love it all! I had my daughters a few weeks ago and I wish I had saw this before!! Great ideas

  3. Hi... I'm your newest follower.

  4. i LOVE this, and the party favors are genius!!! i'm thinking of doing a joint party again next year for the girls up at the splash park...might have to make it splashing and ice cream! too creative!!!

  5. love this! thank you for linking up :) I am going to feature you next week!

  6. That's really cute. I love the goody bag idea!

  7. So simple, but so smart! Thanks for the great ideas!


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