Monday, August 30, 2010

Living room rearrange

This is my living room. Sad, I know. It's been in this sad state since we moved into our new house, mostly because I can't figure out what to do with it. It's a large room that's lacking personality. We spend 90% of our time in here & it's my least favorite room in the house!
It needs help! Can you help me??
These are the things I DO NOT like about it...
1. Seeing the back of the couch from the kitchen. It's just NOT inviting.
2. Feeling overrun with toys.
3. No curtains, no rug, no texture of any kind.
4. Blank walls. Need I say more??
here are a few more shots...
Sad. Right?? Well, I had had enough of it this weekend. I was determined to do something about it & to do it, without spending any money.
So here we go...
First things first. I moved the couch. It only needed to scoot about 3 feet, but it made a BIG difference. I angled it away from the corner so that it wouldn't be against the wall. I'm not sure why, but I'm just not a fan of couches on walls. I also borrowed these curtains from my guest room. I'll come back to those...
I then stashed the toy baskets behind the couch. They're now out of the way but still accessible to my girls.
I moved the big bulky chairs that were in front of the windows (actually covering the windows) to the opposite side of the room. So while I still have nothing on this wall, I at least now have something over there.
I then positioned these 2 smaller chairs in front of the windows. This red one was in our bedroom, but I think it fits better in here.
Lastly I brought in this old rug from the garage & set it in front of the couch. It's a little bare & a little raggedy, but it will do for now. I moved the kids' table to the end of the couch as a makeshift end table. The kids & hubby seem to like it's new home, so it may hang out there for a while.
And here's the result! What do you think??
Overall, I'm pretty happy with it. It's definitely better than it was last week!
I'm still uncertain about the curtains, the rug & of course the walls!

And that's where I need your help!!

First, the curtains... I love them close up, (with the flowers on top & leopard on the bottom) but from the kitchen you can't see any of the leopard print & I feel like they look very...70s-ish. Am I crazy?? Be honest ladies. No hard feelings!!

Next, the rug. It's got to go, I know, but what do I replace it with? I'm leaning towards something neutral, but I need suggestions!

Lastly, the walls!! Where do I even begin? The one on the left is so big & overbearing, that I feel like it needs to be anchored with something or a couple of somethings..well..that are big..
What are your thoughts??

Seriously. I can't wait to hear some of your fabulous ideas!!

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  1. How great to have the before and after. Love that you had everything already. I really like the curtains. I thought animal prints would be long gone by now, but they are still everywhere in the stores. So keep em, they are the earrings of the windows. Finish them off great!

  2. Wow! You really made that room work! (That sounds so design competition judge, I know.) I like your curtains, but if they bother you, then there are some cheap, easy, no-sew solutions, like canvas drop cloths or sheets. But the ones you have really, really tie all the colors together that you have in the room (black, red, tan/yellow). As for your blank wall, have you seen The Nester's wall of plates? Plates are super easy to find at thrift stores, and look great on the wall. Here are The Nester's:
    Good luck!

  3. Wow big difference! I would suggest adding a wee bit more red to the room. Either pick a rug that has a lot of red in it and add some red curtains OR paint an accent wall red. You have a lot of little accents of red with a lot of beige. Add some more red... or grab another accent color to add to the room!

  4. Add some pictures or one large painting to put over the two large comfy chairs! That wall needs something!

  5. Hi! I found your blog through Met Monday and I love what you did to your room! I actually think the curtains are great and add such a nice pop of color to the room. I would probably tend towards a darker rug so that it anchors the room and also makes the dark sofa blend in. For the wall, I would do a HUGE mirror with maybe plates on either side or sconces or something. This is all just my humble opinion and honestly, you have great taste and have already made it beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing it with us,
    P.S. I'm your newest follower!

  6. Love the new arrangement, it is friendly and warm......also think the curtains are perfect!!! They are the pop of color that is needed......on the blank wall, try a large viney wreath, a few plates, mirror, baskets or a shelf with some treasured items......if you are going to spend money, I would invest in a good rug and some storage pieces for the toys, something low that can go in back of the sofa....have fun!!! Cleo

  7. I love your curtains and room! It's looks so nice! I have the toy problem too! You could always get a big mirror and a big clock maybe?

  8. Just found your blog. I'm loving the redo. I think all it needs is some art on the walls. Maybe buy a really big canvas and do a David Bromstead-ish art piece back there. Or like the previous commenter said, a plate wall. I have one in my dining room in the shape of a paisley and I love it.

    I'm your newest follower. You can visit me at if you'd like.

  9. I'm here from Cielo's Show off your Cottage and I love how you rearranged this room!

    My suggestions:
    - keep the curtains
    - get a subtle print or tone-on-tone rug and picks up red or another color.
    - on the large blank wall add a mix of framed pictures in different sizes and shapes, plates, a mirror or two (small because of the many windows), and perhaps something of architectural. Arrange these varied elements to fill a good portion of the wall and so the edges of the outer frames form an overall rectangle or square.
    - perhaps put a desk on the wall behind the couch and choose a large picture to go on the blank wall there or put one or two tall bookcases there. Bingo! You'd have a library corner!

    Have fun entertaining the varied ideas!

  10. I think it's wonderful. You did an amazing make-over. Is there any way to turn the curtains upside down so the print is at the top? Then you could see it from the kitchen. Then, if you could somehow put the same animal print around the border of the rug? Not anything I could do, mind you, but it might be a thrifty solution for now.

  11. WOW!! You ladies are AWESOME!! Thank you, thank you for ALL of your GREAT ideas!! I'm surveying my living room RIGHT NOW, thinking of how I can incorporate all of your suggestions!! Ya'll amaze me!

  12. You did such a great job! I have no advice b/c i am the worst at this stuff! Great job though! kirsi

  13. Your living room is beautiful! I love your curtains! The fabric is gorgeous! I do think you need a little more color on the floor though. If you want to stay neutral, I would suggest a neutral with a colored border. Love your room. I'm your newest follower. I love the idea of the plate wall!

  14. I was going to suggest hanging the window treatments upside down, too! Then maybe adding another leopard pillow somewhere. If you go neutral with the rug, I'd get something darker, like someone else suggested with red. Your drapery panels look a little narrow, can you pull them out more, or double some up? Good luck, you are definitely on the right track :).

  15. Love the before and after. I can totally relate. My living room is so odd. I really need to post photos on my blog and solicit help for mine as well. And if you think you've got a big blank wall, hah, you should see mine.

    Anywho, I like the curtains. I think they go with your furniture and colors and add some great visual impact to the vertical space.

    On the big wall, how about a map? Or take a photo of everyone (by themselves) have the photos enlarged and get some oversized frames on sale. Like three frames across stacked two high? Or, if your kids are artists, how about those wire art display (with the clips) from Ikea? Another thing I really like is taking great fabric and covering cheap canvas with it. Three or four panels would look really neat if the fabric was complimentary. Or, again, if you have any artists in your family, a few inexpensive canvases... pick a color pallet, say all blues and greens or all reds and oranges and great some abstract pieces. You could do bold lines or softer "washes" of color. I recently saw a picture of a large wall. There were at least a dozen paintings on it. All were blue. Ocean, sky, etc. Likely collected over time, but it was so striking. I'm thinking about trying that with my big wall.

    Oh, and for the rug, how about one of those inexpensive indoor/outdoor sisal rugs? Aren't those great for kids? Aren't they washable with a hose or something? Very neutral too.

  16. Everyone's commnet are great. I too like the new arrangement--more open and welcoming.
    The sisal rug would be great and then you coud paint a border around it in red.
    Add some family pictures to the big wall--since you spend alot of time there the'd be nice to look at. You could also combine vacation pics in there too.

  17. Great redo, like your curtains, they really tie in the dark tv cabinet with the room etc.
    Good job! Fun to see.

  18. Nice progress - you're onto a good trend.

    We've started a new link party each Friday at Atticmag called Giveaway Friday! and we've kicked it off with a kitchen back splash giveaway -- just drop by and leave a comment for a chance to win. --Jane F

  19. Tiff, I love the room, it looks a ton better. I like the furniture arrangement. Our good friend Homegoods has some great rugs for sale, I would get one that is darker with some texture to bring a focus point to the room. Also, dark rug=fewer stains! the bare walls, I think a group of either three antiqued/rembrantish paintings or three thin mirrors would look nice. Lillie O

  20. It's so much warmer now! And the curtains are my favorite part of the room!!! But then again, I love leapord that helps. :)

  21. Great post.Very nice decoration.Living room looking fantastic.Thank you very much for sharing such a nice post.I love all photos. beautiful idea.Shed Plans

  22. You have great taste! I love the French Country vibe I get from your space. great makeover! :)

  23. Your living room is very spacious. I would love to see a different furniture and decor in it. Try the beige color of the sofa. I think it would fit.

  24. I realize this is an older post but I adore those curtains!! I am a pattern girl ya know! I also love the tile in our new house I have it its so easy to clean and decorate around!


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