Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Have 8" to spare?

Most of you have probably heard of Locks of Love...but how many of you have heard of Beautiful Lengths? It takes at least 6 ponytails to make one Beautiful Lengths wig. A friend of mine challenged us to think about donating 8" of our hair early this year. I volunteered right away thinking that I was planning on growing my hair out anyway, so why not for a purpose? When she was one person short of her goal I knew that my daughter was the perfect addition. Although she just turned 4 I knew I could get her to agree to this. We talked about how beautiful her hair is and how some little girls don't have hair because they are really sick. I asked her if she would like to give some of her hair away so that other little girls could have beautiful hair too. She was really giddy about it and agreed right away - even told people about it when they commented on how long her hair was. These wigs are dear to my heart because about 9 years ago my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, went through chemo and lost all her hair. Although she was bald and beautiful, she like most women chose to wear a wig. I wanted to do something to help out (my hair is STILL growing!!). This past week it was time. Time to fulfill the commitment we'd made. Here's my precious girl giving a precious gift.

"Whatever you it all for the glory of God." 1 Cor 10:31
I challenge you to give sacrificially: whether it be hair, money, time, services... we are here to reflect the love of Christ. Let your light therefore shine....

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