Thursday, November 3, 2011

I did it!!

I've been wanting to hang a door on my wall (ANY wall!) for over 2 years now! My husband thinks I'm crazy, by the way. The only problem was that I couldn't figure out what door and which wall. That was until our recent trip to Round Top. I spotted this blue door for $50 and instantly fell in love. You can only imagine my giddiness after talking the dealer down to $34!! Random I know, but that's what we agreed upon. Yay!!
It now hangs over my younger daughter's bed and pulls in the blue from her comforter and nightstand. The color is off in this picture, but the blues coordinate great together. The black bed is from last year's Round Top trip. Apparently, I can't get enough :)
I think my favorite part about the door, is that I didn't have to paint it or shabby chic it. It was already perfectly distressed, just like I like it. I plan to hang my daughter's initial somewhere on it at some point, but for now it's up and I'm so excited about it.
My older daughter (age 3) just walked in & asked...
"Why is there a door on the wall??".
Apparently she takes after my husband! Haha.
Do you have any crazy wall decor that you just LOVE??


  1. picture frames in each of those squares! Maybe acrylis ones and she can just slide in and out black and white 8x10s. Love it. love that bidding war to $34. I have been to Round Top, I know how that happens.

  2. Thanks Lori! The picture frames are a GREAT idea!! :)

  3. I gotta say its not something I'd do myself, but I do love it! I also love Lori's idea about putting picture frames in each of the squares and being able to change out the pictures!


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