Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Master Bedroom Part 2 {Craigslist Corner}

My master bedroom is a SLOW work in progress. I showed you one half of it a few months back. I've been dying to get the rest of it finished. But life and budgets have kept me from getting it all done. I do have a corner of the room to show you though! It's a small piece of the room, but one that I am glad to have.

This is what I refer to as my Craigslist corner. Both the chair and the armoire were bought off of Craigslist. I love having a chair in the room so that I can do my Bible study, read a good book, take a nap or cuddle with my kiddos. The armoire houses a small TV and some drawers where my husband keeps some of his clothes. Remember I sold all our furniture so this and his nightstand are his only options. :) He's the best!

The next phase of this side of the room is quite obvious (minus the needed window treatments!).

I'm working on it... maybe in a few months I'll have something else completed in this room.

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