Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Paint Stick Ornaments

I told y'all yesterday when I shared with you the cute snowman gift tag that I'd be showing you some of the crafts that our Bible study did for our "Super Saturday". Today's adorable idea was found through Today's Fabulous Finds. Who'd have thought that making ornaments out of free paint sticks could turn out so cute?

You can find the tutorial here. Or if you're really good at figuring things out from pictures read on... haha.

Have your paint sticks ready in various colors (ours were red, cream and grayish silver).

Gather your supplies. The template for the words can be found here.

Put it all together and here's what you'll get. Super cute and super inexpensive ornaments for your tree or for gifts!


  1. They are cute and a money-saver too since they are free....and it will bring out the creativity within. These are appropriate for the season.


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