Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Candyland Theme Birthday Party

Party time at That Village House!!

Today I'm sharing some photos from my twins' birthday party.  We had a lot of fun with the Candyland theme. 
I created these invitations after seeing something similar on the internet. God gave me the ability to "do" but not really the ability to "create" on my own.
Yes this party was in FEBRUARY OF 2012.... you could say I've been a bit behind in maintaining this blog.

I was inspired completely for this idea by this post on Pinterest from Parents Magazine. 
Isn't this so cute??  So, I took it and did the best I could in a very short period of time.  On a sidenote... why do birthdays always sneak up on me??

I created this banner using the same pattern from the invitation.  I made the lollipops from Dollar Store wrapping paper tubes spraypainted white, balloons, saran wrap and ribbon. {The lollipops stood up by tying a baggie full of coins to the balloon and dropping that down the wrapping paper tube.  I suggest using Helium filled balloons... this will make it work} 
 Candy bars are almost my favorite things at parties so I was excited to do this for this party.  Keep in mind that candy is not cheap.... So, my dream candy bar remained just that, a dream!
 We played pin the candy on the house which was a simple game I made using brown Kraft Paper.  I drew a horrible simple Gingerbread house on it and Googled candy images and cut them out for the kids to "pin" on the house.
I made a Candy Walk for the kids to play.  I bought 12x12 pieces of Candyland colored scrapbook paper and taped them to the floor in a circle.  The idea was that the kids would walk around the circle and when the music stopped we would draw a color and if that was their color they would win a prize.  I never got around to making or buying prizes so when they "won" they got a turn at the candy bar.  That helped limit the number of kids swarming around the table and gave the adults helping a little more control guidance with managing the candy quantity!

The candy bar included lots of fun candy, fruit snacks & so parents didn't hate me to sweeten the deal for the parents I bought a bunch of toothbrushes from SmileMakers so each child could take one of those home too!

Lastly, we had the kids make fruit loop necklaces.  I needed an activity to keep them occupied and entertained for a while since the whole party was to be inside (remember... February).  Unfortunately, I didn't account for the boys who would have NO interest or the other kids who were just not interested.  So, that meant that I had a handful of boys and girls running wild until the next "scheduled" activity began.  Nightmare for a "scheduler" like myself.  

Note: make sure your fruit loops aren't the special edition with the red "figure 8" shapes.  

Finally we had cupcakes that we bought from Sams because this Momma was tired of making decorations that nobody only I cared about. :)
Another note: make sure you order your cupcakes ahead of time.  Sams doesn't always have plain white icing cupcakes ready for pick up.  I only had a major slight meltdown when my hubby came home with Spiderman cupcakes and these with the sprinkles.  THANK goodness the sprinkles worked.  I really would have had a royal fit had my inlaws not been there to witness it!

All in all, it's ONLY a party... Nobody really cares but the mom giving the party.  Everyone else just wants to have a good time.  I have to admit I've had party envy over some of the fantastic set ups that some of you mom's throw.  I have to remember that it's not a time to shine and make myself look good (or fail miserably at trying). 

It's about celebrating these little ones who are growing up TOO fast!
Now only a little over a month until their 5th birthday.  Maybe it won't take me a year to blog about that one! :)

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  1. I noticed every detail. The toothbrushes, a fun reminder. Love the lollipop balloons.

  2. What an adorable idea! Your kids must have really enjoyed the party! =)


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