Thursday, January 10, 2013

House Goals 2013

Well it's a new year and we are still in the same house! And the miracle is that we don't have plans to move any time soon!  That's big news for us.  We've lived in this city for almost 5 years and have lived in three houses.  You've seen some of the progress we've made at our current house (1/2 years and counting!). 
The Kitchen
The Kids Bath
The Dining Room

Of course every project costs $$$$ so we try and space them out and tackle them when we have funds (and energy since we are DIYers).  I thought it would be fun to take note of all the projects I would like to do over this year (and the years to come) along with some pictures that serve as inspiration.

Guest Bath Renovation
*wood countertop
*white vessel sink
*white cabinets
*tile backsplash (maybe subway tile?)

Master Bath Renovation
ANYTHING would be better than what we've got going on in there now.  Highlights... new countertops, sinks, faucets, shower & tub.  
Fireplace Overhaul
*remove the 90's brass & glass screen,
*de-traditionalize the mantle
*get rid of the tile & add stone or brick

House Trim Painted
I want to paint a shade of gray to make our brick color less "pinkish"
After seeing THIS renovation I was inspired -- our house is basically a 2 story version of the one in the picture.  Seems to be built in the same time period using a similar brick and it's traditional like this one. 

Garage Door Updated
I'd love a new one... but the hubby has drawn the line there (so far). So, I'm thinking of faux finishing it... but it may just end up painted the same color as my *wishful* gray.

Fingers crossed that something from this list can get checked off the list!
You can find all these pictures and their sources on my pinterest board.


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