Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christmas Card Books

So I realize it's the end of January and everyone is on to Valentine's things (including me!). But honestly, I haven't had a chance to even put up all of my Christmas stuff! Please tell me that I'm not alone??

So if you'll bear with me, I've found a new plan for my Christmas cards this year that I'm really excited about. Christmas Card Books!
Christmas cards are something I just hate parting with. And now I don't have to! This is such a clever way to display your cards, year after year.
I'm thinking the coffee table will be the perfect place for them to all land.
And since so many cards these days have pictures on the back, this is a great way to be able to flip through them with ease.
To download this cover, click here.
Then you'll be able to write in the year, or use stickers. Whatever you'd like.
Print it out on card stock and use a hole puncher on all of your cards. If you have a 3 hole punch (although you only need 2 holes), THIS is the time to use it! Holy moly, my hand hurts. But totally worth it!

Thank you eighteen25 for sharing such a GREAT idea! Check out some of the other ways they've decorated their books. So cute and clever!


  1. Love this idea! It's also a good way to keep 'new baby' or wedding cards also. I like the two rings, I've only seen it done with one before so this would be more manageable!

  2. Love, love, love this idea!!!! thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Love this idea!! I'm so anal about clutter so they go into the trash on Jan. 1st and it kills me! So many beautiful cards gone to waste. Now I can keep them all and see how our loved ones have changed throughout the years. Excited to see my picture made it into your post too. :D


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