Monday, January 30, 2012

No-sew fleece blankets

Have you seen these blankets before? They're fantastic!!

I wish I could take credit for them, but they're actually the project of my
9 year old niece, Kaylee. She's so crafty. I see big things in her future!~

And they're very easy to make. No sewing required!

Kaylee gave me step-by-step instructions on how to make them...

1. Buy 2 yards of 2 colors of coordinating fleece.
Spread them out on each other with the right sides facing out.

2. Trim off selvage edge of both pieces so that they're the exact same size.
Then cut a 6" square out of each corner.

3. Start making 6" cuts every inch, all the way around on all 4 sides.
It helps to lay a ruler 6 inches from the edge and just cut to the ruler.

4. Begin tying all strips.

Keeping both fabrics together, loop the tab to the right & then over itself.

Come back through the hole & pull straight down.

They would make great house warming gifts or baby blankets.
(For kids' blankets, Kaylee used 1.5 yards instead of 2.

So cute & cozy!
Thanks Kaylee for our wonderful blankets
and for teaching us how to make them!


  1. Lovely! And so easy! Kaylee is one clever girl :)

  2. Great idea. I was looking for a new way to finish the fleece blankets.

  3. Where did you get the measuring board?

    1. you can find those boards at craft stores such as Joann's or Hobby Lobby. Some walmarts even have them.

  4. How large was the finished blanket

  5. I want the brown flowered pattern fleece!! where did you get?? Cant seem to find it anywhere.....

  6. I Guess you don't want to tell where to get the Brown Fleece!!

    1. sorry for no response... we have taken a hiatus from this blog and Tiffany probably doesn't get the notifications anymore. My suggestion would be Hobby Lobby or Joanns since those are the only fabric store options we have in town. But that was 2 years ago so there's no guarantee it's still there if so.

  7. i love this, its what i ve wanted to do for a long time, perfect time for xmas

  8. if you loop the tab to the left & then over itself. you will end up with the back fleece color showing on the top, and the top fleece showing on the back... gives a bit of contrast, especially if you are using a solid color for the back....

  9. We are planning on making these blankets during our summer camp session for mothers and children in shelters in New York. Do we have your permission to use the image of the tie blanket for our blog and flyer to communicate this activity?

  10. I like this. I am planning to buy fabrics at The Fabric Exchange so that I can make one like this.

  11. I am mighty impressed. Have my pink solid and pink printed fleece fabric. can't wait to get started. Thanks bunches. Love your ideas.

  12. I put painters tape on my fabric when cutting it (measure and stick to the line you want to cut too.) This way the ruler moves or I need to move the fabric I don't have to worry one cut is too long or short

  13. Love this idea for the edge can't wait to try it. I have been knotting blankets for years but this looks likes an interesting twist. Like the advice about putting the opposite on top. Great job


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