Friday, July 9, 2010

Crafty Friday {Camera Strap Cover}

Have you seen those cute camera strap covers for Digital SLR cameras? I have wanted one for a while but just hadn't pulled the trigger yet. I was searching around some blogs and found some easy tutorials to make my own. I've seen some really cute fabric at Hobby Lobby lately and have always thought to myself "what could I do with that fabric??" Today you get to find out!! Let me begin by saying clearly...I AM NOT A SEAMSTRESS. I got my sewing machine by requests as a graduation present and in the 7 years since then I have probably used it less than 10 times. You'll notice in these photos that there are several fabrics shown... that's because I planned on making several because of how fun and easy they were going to be. However, due to human error & machine error (most likely caused by human error) something was wrong with just about all of them. it goes.

Choose your fabric. I made my straps to have a front and back with coordinating fabrics - so 1/4 yard of each fabric will produce two straps. If you go this route you could probably get away with 1/8 of each fabric.

Get yourself reaquainted with your old friend (and prepare for battle if you are a novice like me!)

Make your pattern by measuring your strap length & dividing in half. Add about 1/2" to each side to allow for seams. I used wrapping paper for my pattern.

Cut your fabric out. Mine were roughly 27" long when opened up.

Make sure you sew the sides RIGHT SIDES together (this was one of my human errors at one point). Press the seam down.

Prepare a strip of fuseable batting (if you choose to have a little padding in your strap). Mine was about 5" wide .

Fold the ends about one inch and again about another inch for the hem. I sewed three *straight* lines across.

Fold in half and sew RIGHT SIDES together again.

For the avid seamstress this part will be the hardest. Flip the strap inside out and VOILA... you're done. String your camera strap through and it's done!

I am determined to try again with the last of the fabric I bought because my sewing skills are finally warmed up. One of these days I'll be able to sew one from start to finish without a single problem! Stay tuned because one day when that happens I'll do a giveaway on here and you can have one without the work or the $$$.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! :) Way to go girlie! And your instructions are awesome... I definitely plan on attempting this soon. But, like you, my sewing machine has been sitting on idle for quite a while.... soooooooo, that should be interesting...

  2. I saw a photographer at a wedding last month with Amy Butler fabric on her camera and I just knew she had to have made it! I asked her and she said she did!

  3. Love it! I thinking what a great gift that would make for my photographer friends thanks for sharing.


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