Friday, July 30, 2010

paper mache letters

I've come to LOVE things that are original.
Things that are unique and have meaning.
Things that you can't find at Target (not that I don't LOVE Target).
So I was recently inspired by my friend Whitney to make my very own paper mache letters. One for each of my girls. So while I can't say that this idea was totally mine, I will claim the blood, sweat and tears that went into making them. Just kidding. It was super easy!!
I painted the letter first, then decoupaged different scrapbook paper on, before adding the flowers. It took me less than an hour! If you're new to modge podge, get some helpful tips here. My friend Whitney, framed her letter & it looked SUPER cute, so of course I had to copy!

I made a second one for my younger daughter (because how fair would that be?) and plan on framing it too, once I move them into the same room.
Here's a close up. Not perfect at all, but no one seems to notice.

And here are some other letters that I came across.
Each with it's own personality & charm.

Have you painted or crafted any letters lately? Do share!!


  1. These letters are so great! They add a lot of color and decorating to a room at a low cost. Thanks for the ideas!!

  2. Looks beautiful. I did a similar thing the other day with an 'E' someone gave me...I did a post on it yesterday.

  3. So funny! I just paper mached a letter for my son's room this week!

  4. Love what you've done with these! I just posted about letters that my daughter made me, so we don't have to buy them. I have a link to her tute on my blog, it's easier than you think to make your own. And cheap. And you can make them any size. ;0)

  5. LOVE these! I am hoping to do this for my sister-in-law's little one on the way. I was hoping that I could use the paper mache letters rather than using wooden ones. 1. they are cheaper 2. they will stand on their own 3. I already purchased them then realized that all of my pinterest DIY ideas were for wooden letter! Thank goodness for google and finding your blog! :)


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